Booking terms and conditions for Tigh Mo Mhiann

    The booking contract
  1. This holiday home contract is between your ‘hosts’ Mr and Mrs B R Friman who own and manage the cottage and yourselves, the guests. ‘Guests’ include the lead booker and all those who stay, or visit the cottage during the booked period. The property (cottage) is Tigh Mo Mhiann, Roybridge.
  2. This booking is made on the understanding that the property will be made available to us for the period indicated. However, the owners cannot accept responsibility for unavailability of the property due to circumstances beyond their control other than to refund prepaid rental in respect of the time that the property is unavailable. Any disputes or claims will be settled if possible by arbitration and under English law.
  3. The person booking the cottage must ensure that all guests are aware of and adhere to these conditions. Please read these booking conditions carefully as by paying the deposit you are agreeing to these terms.
  4. Covid-19 policy
  5. We will cancel our booking if members of our party are showing symptoms of Covid-19, test positive for Covid-19 or are advised to self-isolate on or during the week prior to the arrival day. Your hosts will do their best to rebook your stay with mutually convenient dates with any appropriate price adjustment for the new dates of stay.
  6. If a member of our party becomes ill with Covid-19 during the stay and is required to isolate, we will inform the hosts and return home, immediately, to isolate at home. If we are unable to travel, our additional stay will be charged pro-rata.
  7. If govt restrictions prevent us from travelling or the cottage becomes unavailable because of Government restrictions, your hosts will refund all monies paid and do their best to rebook your stay for a later date at the appropriate cost of the new dates of stay.
  8. If government restrictions mean our stay is not as planned, for example, we have booked as a multiple household stay yet only single household occupancy is allowed at the time of our stay, then we will be offered a full refund of monies paid.
  9. If we become ill for any reason and are unable to travel for any reason other than the above, the normal cancellation terms will apply to our stay.
  10. Our Booking
  11. We understand that our hosts describe the features and facilities as accurately as they can but things do get improved, replaced or just go wrong sometimes. If any facility or appliance is essential for our stay, we will let our hosts know a week before our arrival so that they can check it.
  12. Cancellation
  13. If your hosts have to cancel your booking because the property becomes unavailable due to a serious defect e.g. through fire, flood, failure of utility services, they will provide a full refund of all monies paid.
  14. If we have to cancel our reservation we will inform the hosts as soon as possible. With at least 8 weeks’ notice, your hosts will return all prepaid money. With notice between 6-8 weeks, your hosts will retain 25% of your booking amount. With notice between 4-6 weeks, your hosts will retain 50%. With less than 4 weeks notice, your hosts will retain 75% of your booking amount.
  15. Insurance
  16. We understand that our hosts strongly recommend that we take out travel/holiday insurance to cover us in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  17. Deposit and payments
  18. We will pay a booking deposit of £100 at the time of booking. Once our hosts have acknowledged our payment, our booking is confirmed for the dates and times on the acknowledgement email. Our deposit becomes a good housekeeping (damage) deposit on the day of our arrival. Our deposit will be returned to us, all being well, after the cottage has been checked following departure.
  19. We will pay the rental 4 weeks before our stay.
  20. We understand that any of the following may lead to a deduction from our good housekeeping deposit:
    Evidence of smoking in the house
    Leaving the house unheated in winter
    Disabling a water alarm or smoke alarm
  21. There will be no retention of our deposit for genuine minor accidental damage unless we fail to tell our hosts about it.
  22. Occupancy
  23. We agree to use Tigh Mo Mhiann as holiday accommodation only and only those, who are named on our booking form, will stay overnight. If we have day visitors we will contact our host to let them know.
  24. We will limit occupants to the number booked and understand that if over-occupancy is discovered we will lose the accommodation and the security deposit. We will provide names of all party members and photo-id for the lead name if asked.
  25. Looking after the house
  26. We will let our hosts know at the first opportunity of any defects or problems with the property both on arrival and during our stay.
  27. We will leave the house in a reasonably clean and tidy condition at the end of the stay. We undertake to bear the costs of any excess cleaning.
  28. We will inform the owners immediately of any accidental damage to the building, furniture, bedding, carpets or other contents. Minor accidental damage reported on the same day will not be chargeable.
  29. We agree that, for any other damage, the costs of reinstatement can be deducted from our security deposit and that our liability arising from our carelessness, drunkenness or malintent is not limited by the value of the security deposit.
  30. Smoking and pets policy
  31. While on the property, including in the driveway and garden, we will not smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes and will not use candles except in emergencies.
  32. We are aware that no pets can be accepted at the property.
  33. What is provided
  34. The rental includes all linen, towels, electricity and solid fuel. The electric heating alone is quite adequate for most winter conditions. However if you would like to enjoy the atmosphere that only a real fire can generate, you may need to purchase firelighters and kindling.